Download a PDF version of the below waiver after you book your party. Copies of the waiver will need to be printed and filled out for all of the children present under the age of 18. For participants over the age of 18 a waiver will still need to be filled out, but no parent signature is required, just the signature of the participant. We've included it here to show the contents of the waiver.

Waiver PDF

Safety Rules & Procedures
✤ No food, drinks, or spray allowed.
✤ No flips or bouncing against side or next to door.
✤ All shoes, eyeglasses, sharp, and lose objects must be removed.
✤ Attendant must be in position at all times.
✤ Socks must be worn at all times.
✤ No piling on each other.
✤ No wrestling or pushing.
✤ No leaning or climbing on netting.
✤ Do not climb on the inside or outside of the inflatable.
✤ In case of air loss, immediately exit the Air Bounce and discontinue use.
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