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Enrollment is going on now for fall 2015 so hurry and secure a space for your child! Please call and we will be happy to send you an Enrollment Application along with our Curriculum Handbook. There is a $50.00 deposit to hold a spot for your child. At that time you will be allowed to preview the facility and decide whether Boingo's Academy is right for your family.

Please contact Laura for more information or to receive your Enrollment Application.

Phone: 559-623-9206

Boingo's Academy!

Where Family, Faculty, and Friends meet...

At Boingo's we believe as educators and childcare professionals  it is our obligation to provide a stimulating and  nurturing environment for each child's individual developmental stages. We create an atmosphere of creativity and exploration for them to grow and learn at their highest capacity. Our classrooms are designed with the latest in educational materials and equipment. We literally and figuratively give them the building blocks to support their emotional, social, cognitive, and physical well being. Boingo's curriculum was built around the idea that it takes three major components to enrich a child's education; family, faculty, and friends. We support the further development of our staff by offering continued education in the field of Early Childhood Development . We encourage parents participation in all facets of your child's education. Through open communication it is our desire to build a relationship of mutual respect and trust with the family as well as the child.




Boingo's Babies Program:

As part of our Boingo's Babies Program each family will take part in designing their child's daily routine. The idea is to establish harmony between your child's regular patterns at home and the Boingo's Nursery. You will actively participate in preparing a schedule to include your babies nap-time, feeding time, and playtime. You are also encouraged to visit with your child during any of these designated times. 

We wish to create a safe, nurturing atmosphere for your infant to feel secure and "at home". You will find our classroom to be strategically arranged to promote a healthy, age appropriate, learning environment. 

          * Physical Development

                     Play Area

                     Gross Motor - Our classrooms offer large, soft matted areas for crawling over obstacles and toys along with ample space for rolling balls, and high energy activities.

                     Fine Motor  - Boingo's babies are encouraged to attempt self feeding through bottle holding, and hand's on food. We provide them with different textured toys for sensation identification, and assist them with a variety of puzzle play.

          * Communication/ cognitive

                     Speech - speaking to your child during feeding time. diaper time, introduction of sign language. 

          * Emotional

                     Bonding-rocking chairs, assigning particular cargivers to your baby. mommy and me time.


          * Self-help

                     Independence - holding bottles, picking out toys.

                     Eating/ prepare for transition to toddler



Tiny Einstiens Program:

The "Toddler" age group is one of the most active and energetic stages in in your child's development. It is a time of exploration, discovery and of course learning! Our highly trained staff of Childcare Specialists are prepared to support your child's growing intrigue in the world around them through a number of fun activities.

Our classrooms are equipped with a variety of areas for every skill set your child is working on. We have plenty of room for high energy  indoor and outdoor play, along with quiet areas for reading, imagination and creativity. Our teachers plan activities in advance to help establish a routine for the children and encourage self-help when encountering obstacles throughout the day.


       * Physical Development

                    Gross motor


                     Fine Motor

Along with ample space for gross motor play,  our classrooms are intentionally designed to encourage fine motor skills as well. We offer areas of building blocks, puzzles, coloring and more. 

       * Cognitive Development

                    Imaginary / Creative Play

Our Boingo's bookworm time is spent singing songs, reading stories and asking questions. Here your toddler can investigate the world of creativity and imagination. Though communication and sharing we promote your child's language skills. We also teach basic counting and memorization while enjoying different activities.

       * Social Development

                     Through family style dining we teach children how to serve themselves and share with each other. Along with building inter-communication skills we learn to ask questions and problem solve. 

       * Emotional Development

                    Self Help Skills

                    Teacher encourage problem solving skills by offering choices and assigning daily tasks such as hand washing,  picking up toys, preparing to go outside. We ask you children questions to encourage expression and a deeper sense of self.


Small Scholars Program:


At Boingo's we strive to keep the Preschoolers engaged and excited in the classroom environment. Through fresh concepts and constantly changing activities we create a lesson plan that keeps them progressing forward creatively, socially, and emotionally. Children develop at their own individual pace. By offering variety and choices we are able to cater to your child's specific developmental needs. 

We have designed the classrooms into several learning areas to promote the different age appropriate skill sets.  Playgrounds......

Learning Centers for math, science, imaginary play, music, creative art and computers provide both shared and independent learning opportunities. Teachers fill these centers with theme-related materials to engage children at each stage of their development.
  • Preschoolers are introduced to cognitive skills like sequencing and matching, social skills in similarities and diversity and language art skills such as storytelling and process-writing.
  • Learning Centers encourage self-reliance and provide opportunities for children to develop their self confidence. Children also practice their decision making as they navigate from center to center.
  • Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace according to their individual needs and abilities.
  • Visits from local museums and libraries, community helpers, doctors and theatrical productions are incorporated into the classroom to provide a real-world learning experience.
  • Computers are an everyday component of the preschool classroom and allow children to practice their new skills.
  • Enrichment programs, such as fitness, art history and manners, are incorporated into each preschooler's daily schedule.*


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